Over the past few months, my blog has gotten a decent amount of attention. So much so I am actually being asked to be interviewed to share my story and thoughts on financial Independence and the FIRE movement. I just did my second interview with Beau Humphreys on the Personal Finance Show.

About the Podast

Beau Humphreys and I chat about what it means to start a journey into financial independence and I share the insights I gained from connecting with  the FIRE community. Take a listen and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Podcast highlights:

About Beau Humphreys

Beau is a fellow Canadian and personal finance advocate. He is a jack of all trades with a number of hustles such as blogging, a financial accounting business, a book keeping coach, and podcaster. His podcast is called The Personal Finance Show and focuses on sharing personal finance stories that help to improve your financial literacy and make personal finance accessible to everyone.

Show Beau Some Love

I really enjoyed chatting with Beau and you should add him as a resource to your path to FI. I even used some of his services to help me with my rentals.

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