Ever since I launched my blog, I’ve made the effort to keep my personal life and identity on the down low. The reason being is that I am not one who likes to be the center of attention I am a natural introvert and wish to respect the privacy of my family. But lately, my site has caught the attention of other content creators. I have yet to reveal my full identity to the public until now!

In my third podcast interview, an old friend of mine discuss my personal story and cover a lot of ground. From my finance journey, the immigrant/entrepreneurial spirit, and how we literally started a prairie fire back in the day. Take a listen and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Podcast Highlights

Below are some of the topics covered in the podcast:

  • Albert and I chat about what exactly is financial independence
  • I go an a little rant about “The Game”: how the world is made up of companies trying to commandeer and transfer your labour and your income into their own pockets
  • The financial unfairness of married life: Here I highlight how I have it easy when it comes to sticking to our budget, where Mrs. Prairie FIRE makes the lion’s share the spending decisions
  • Budgeting Sucks: Budgeting is the hardest part but it is essential
  • The principles of FIRE – Budgeting, creating the largest gap between income and expenses, investing and connecting with community in order to reach Financial Independence
  • I totally mess up the definition of Cap Rate (haters come at me in the comments)
  • What I would do with $10,000
  • The personal and spiritual struggle to let go of money and giving it away
  • Why I think the world is getting better
  • The immigrant experience and entrepreneurship